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Breakfast After Space Travel with Divyam Bernstein.

Breakfast After Space Travel with Divyam Bernstein.

Breakfast After Space Travel
strap ourselves in
lap up the sky
fast as we can
explore the stars
alshain altair tarazed
they show us 

we are all dust
we love the taste of oxygen
we dont need food
our minds grow wide
fill with particles of light
bathe in ultraviolet
deep and deep until 

our rocket shakes and smokes
we land on earth
we cant explain
we have seen 

any moment i expect the furniture to drift
what keeps us sitting here?
gloved fingers
cant hold
so intricate
an instrument
a spoon

you keep your space helmet on
how will you eat?
i like the oxygen you say
its better than the stuff out there

but the world is out there
the table is out there
i am out there
is this milk whiter than the moon?
how will i kiss you?


That Question in Your Throat
I am thinking about the future
you invented
at the bottom of your coffee cup.

I am thinking about the dreams
given to you
by the mountain Slavs.

I am thinking about the language
you created
to speak your secrets.

I am thinking about the dark stone
on the ocean floor
burrowing towards the light.

Don’t die with that question in your throat.


The River of Stars
I lived beside a river of stars.
One day I saw a bird
fly into the water
and thought him dead. 

Then: a knock
at the door, a place
by the fire, three days
without a word.

I fed him porridge oats
and pumpkin seeds.
He sat by the window, 
looked up at clouds

with his black eyes.
Where are you from?
What can I give you?
No reply.

On the third night he set
the moon in my hands,
wrapped in a tea-towel
like a porcelain plate.

He opened his wings
and flew into the sky.
In dreams I followed him
along the blue road.

The stars lit my way,
shone with a gentle light.
I did not feel the cold.
And with me, the moon.


Reaching into boxes

It takes time
to brush the spaces,
months between my teeth.

Truth is a small-headed brush
cleaning silently
through the night.

When I was a student
I could fit everything I owned
into these little indentations.

What happened?
I am not
a proper girl.

The thing I love most,
more than my clothes,
is my decay.


Batman , Divyam Bernstein, 2016

Batman, Divyam Bernstein, 2016

The Mirror of You is Waiting , Divyam Bernstein, 2016

The Mirror of You is Waiting, Divyam Bernstein, 2016

The Moon Woman , Divyam Bernstein, 2016

The Moon Woman, Divyam Bernstein, 2016


Divyam Chaya Bernstein is a writer and cartoonist in love with stories of all shapes and sizes. She completed an MA in Creative Writing at Middlesex University, specializing in fantasy and science fiction. She won 3rd prize in the NAWG 2014 Open Short Story Competition and was shortlisted in the 2015 Exeter Writers Short Story Competition. Her work has appeared in The Human Genre Project and on MacGuffin. She writes in a variety of forms: poetry, micro-fiction, short stories and comics. Drawing on her background as a live storyteller, she also creates bespoke stories for individual readers which she then writes by hand into specially crafted books. Based in London, she continues to love writing on the borders between fantasy and reality. She regularly publishes her poems, cartoons, and other explorations in creativity on her blog, Follow the Brush and on her Tumblr, Divyam’s Doodles. 


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